"Szabóék elköltöznek a régi utcájukból."

Translation:The Szabó family is moving away from their old street.

November 20, 2016

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I've already reported that "The Szabos" and plural complements should be accepted.


The English sentence sounds ok to me, yet I wonder why it says "moves" (singular), but "their" (plural)?


I think because they move as a single family (one uses verbs in singular form with the noun family and so with police if i know well) but it's an expression for a group of people (their).


Thanks a lot, Hunniel!


The English would be more elegant if the nouns, pronouns, and verbs matched up regarding number:
1. The Szabo family moves away from its old street.
2. The Szabos move away from their old street.
?3. The Szabo family move away from their old street.

Is #3 grammatical? It is if you construe the collective noun 'family' as plural. British English often construes collective nouns as plural, whereas historically American Emglish usually does not. However, nowadays American English also sometimes treats collective nouns as plural.


... American English also sometimes treats collective nouns as plural...

-------- i keep hoping the trend will die out - but with soccer's (futbol ) increasing popularity and football's increasing instances of traumatic brain injury, we hear more and more "the Liverpool team are .. . " . . .

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The verb and pronoun should match. I.e. move and their or moves and its


Szabó - watch the accent!


DL does not use the accent in names when writing in English.


------- what a pity . . .

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How would you say "The Szabos are moving away from their old street" in Hungarian?


I believe you would say what DL says here at the top of the page:
"Szabóék elköltöznek a régi utcájukból."

In other words, I think you could translate "Szabóék" either as "the Szabos" or as "the Szabo family". The literal Hungarian word for family, "család", does not appear in the Hungarian sentence we are given.

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