"Good evening, I am Andrew and he is Daniel."

Translation:Bună seara, eu sunt Andrei și el este Daniel.

11/20/2016, 10:42:37 AM



I thought that this would be correct: Buna seara, Sunt Andrew si el e Daniel. I thought I can drop "Eu".

11/20/2016, 10:42:37 AM


You can, although I would still use "eu" because you can translate "și" with "whereas" in this context. An even better sentence would be "Eu sunt Andrei, iar este Daniel" ("iar" is a good translation for "whereas").

11/20/2016, 11:06:48 AM

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Sort of like the difference between "и" and "а" in Russian, would you say?

6/18/2017, 10:07:17 PM


Yes, „iar” is the translation for "а" and „și” for "и", although Romanian isn't as strict as Russian regarding the difference between the two (they are mostly interchangeable).

6/19/2017, 7:47:16 AM


Is 'bună seara' only used as a greeting or also when you leave (in the sense of 'have a good evening')?

2/23/2018, 11:23:35 AM


Buna seara is good evening (a greeting) Seara buna is "have a good evening" (a goodbye)

4/24/2018, 3:12:52 PM
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