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"The Greek tourists have a big room in this hotel."

Translation:A görög turistáknak nagy szobájuk van ebben a szállodában.

November 20, 2016



------- i wanted to put an "egy " in front of nagy and an "ez " in front of a sza'lloda'ban . but duo said no can do. what happened to the "a " and the "this " ? . . .

Big 10 nov 18


In the Hungarian translation, are there places where the verb "van" should go or cannot go? I placed it all the way at the end, like the previous examples in this lesson. It did not accept "... nagy szobájuk ebben a szállodában van", with the correct answer shown as "... nagy szobájuk van ebben a szállodában".


With your solution (verb in the end) the sentence would mean that they have many hotels (apparently with small rooms in it) and they have a big room only in that hotel. :) because you would emphasize ebben a szállodában.


Think not where you put the verb, think rather what you put in front of the verb! What you place in front of the verb will be emphasized. In the sentence above, it should be the large room.


This question refers to the "tip" on plural possession. It says: { a kertem ‘my garden’ but a kertjeim ‘my gardens’ } Is the latter correct? (Kertjeim for "my" ? ) I thought that the suffix je would be used for third person singular. Please help.


Why is egy omitted in this answer?

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