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  5. "Το στερεό ορυκτό."

"Το στερεό ορυκτό."

Translation:The solid mineral.

November 20, 2016



New-voice problem: ορυκτό is so garbled, it could've even be mistaken for a garbled version of υλικό. Half the word is missing. (The male robotic voice seems to have pretty consistent problems with words containing/beginning with the phoneme ρ. Speech therapy might help.)


I, too, thought that ορυκτό was υλικό. In three attempts!


So, depending on if they have the article or not, στερεό, υγρό, αέριο, ορυκτό, κεραμικό can be nouns or adjectives?


I don't think this depends as much on articles as it does on context and the sentence's syntax...

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