"Tu nu bei apă."

Translation:You do not drink water.

November 20, 2016

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How do you live then?


Duolingo gives sentences that help our vocabulary. The sentences do not always make sense.

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    You're soooo right whoever you are


    I was given this sentence as a listening exercise to translate and I wrote: Tu nu bei apa. It was counted correct, but I was told to watch the accents. If only listening, how could you tell the difference between the two words for water?


    When I listen to the audio the two vowels in “apă” sound (correctly) approximately like this:

    • The “a” sounds more or less like the vowel in the English word “but.”
    • The “ă” sounds more or less like the final vowel in the English word “better.” It is sometimes called a “schwa.”

    To me, they sound clearly differently. In the word “apa” (the water) they would be similar. In my opinion Duolingo tends to pronounce the “ă” like the Hungarian “a” (Swedish å), which does not correspond to my experience but then I am not a good Romanian listener – I am happy if I understand anything at all.


    There has to be a rule I can learn that helps me to know how and why each verb changes with each noun?


    Verbs change with the person (1st 2nd 3rd) and the number (singular, plural). And there are basically four declension schemes in Romanian.

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      I chose the correct solution, bei, and am given a bad mark, but shown the correct solution to be what I chose, bei!

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