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Too much translating, not enough language learning

How can I get out of the translations page and back to the exercises? The "real world translations" are driving me crazy. I want to learn Spanish, but I seem to be required to spend 20 or 30 minutes on translations for every 5 minutes of language-learning I'm allowed. I'm a beginner and my translations are really bad. When I know more Spanish I'll be happy to devote time to translating, but at the moment I want to learn the language but Duolingo keeps me on the "real world translations" page for way too long.

February 13, 2013



You don't have to do any translations. Just get as far as "Learned" (the checkmark). Then be sure you have "learned" the required icons to unlock the next icon in your lesson tree.

I don't bother to master my lessons. Once I unlock the next set, I move on. I can always go back and do more in the earlier part of my skills tree later.


RoniG is right. Translations are only to increase skill points/sentences translated count and to master a lesson. However, if you just want to reach "Learned", you do not need to translate anything, just complete the lessons (usually about three per category). This will unlock more lessons (in another group). I see you mastered all but one of the categories. You did not have to do this (which requires translations). As you can see, you didn't master Basics 1 but could still move on to the next category (phrases and basics 2). Feel free to stop after "Learned" and move on to the next group. Once your Spanish has improved, perhaps you would go back and "Master" the lessons through translations.


Click on "Home"


@Fivehopsaway - I have "mastered" lessons before without doing any translations at all, but just by selecting 'test out of this skill' keyhole icon.


Many thanks for all this great advice. You've solved my problem!

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