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"Tineretul construiește altfel de relații!"

Translation:The youth builds different relationships!

November 20, 2016



Very strange English. The "youths" or "young people", but "the youth" is not a collective noun, it only refers to one person. However, to complicate things further, you can say "the youth of today" as a collective noun.


In English, "Youth" is also a collective noun, as well as being used to refer to just one person. That's why we get phrases like "The youth of today".


Yes, but the youth of today are, not the youth of today is. That's why "the youth builds" is incorrect.


Indeed, that is the point I made at the time (see my other comment) . It should be "build" because "the youth" in English is plural. The problem is probably that the English has been written by a native Romanian speaker. In Romanian the word is singular, so they may not have picked up on that difference in English.

This may be a problem with Duolingo's policy on contributers being bilingual. If all those bilinguals are Romanian, there will be English mistakes which are clear to any native English speaker, but unless you're also fluent in Romanian, you can not contribute to correcting them. Most of the English errors in this course could be corrected by a native English speaker with little or even no Romanian knowledge. I imagine there are many on here who would even be willing to volunteer to do this, but I don't believe Duolingo's policy allows it. Maybe they could consider this? :)


"the youth builds another kind of relationships"


You should "report" alternative translations (click on "Report a Problem") rather than posting them here; that way they get more attention from the course authors.


I think what is wrong with the English translation is the verb conjugation. "Youth", as in the collective noun, should take the plural verb form "build", not "builds". I would therefore suggest "The youth build different relationships!"


Is this "The Youth" as in the population of young people or "The Youth" an individual person? Or both perhaps.


"Tineret" means population of young people. A young person is "tânăr" ("tânărul" in its articulate form)


"The youth build different relationships" would be the correct English phrase.


Does he? What an interesting king of builder this young guy is!


The audio starts with neretul.... I, and two ro speaking persons, cannot hear a trace of Ti...

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