"Aprilie este o lună?"

Translation:Is April a month?

November 20, 2016

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So Romanian uses the same word for both "moon" and "month". Juste like Japanese with "tsuki"! Furthermore " *mḗh₁n̥s" had also both meanings in PIE. The English terms "moon" and "month" also have the same etymology because they originate from this root.


And yet in Spanish, mes (month), is nothing like the word luna (moon). I wonder if there are similarities in the other romance languages.


French is similar to Spanish, mois (month), lune (moon).

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    Omg do u do Czech and Romanian 2? Cause i do!


    In Hebrew the word moon may also be used as month. Reason also being that the Jewish calendar is according to the moon. I.e. Jewish month starts when the moon is empty.

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