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Need friends

I'm in need of friends that can help me out with spanish and portuguese.

February 13, 2013



I can help you a little with spanish. Here on duo it's not much use to me cause I was born in AZ and grew up around the language. I enjoy portugese but can't speak it yet.


Hi :) i am a beginner in spanish :) but i would like to be your friend :)


Hi everyone! I would like to find new friends! I am Russian native speaker and I admire Duolingo, but it hasn´t my motherlanguage yet. So I am registered here as an english-speaker (which is not true, but I don´t have any other possibility to learn here), who is learning German. The truth is: I speak German good enough (but not excellent) and a little English. And I am trying to learn English and improve German on Duolingo. But my real friends are not so mad and two languages at the same time is too much for them. So I am looking for new friends, I could for example help you, if you are interested in Russian. Most of all I would like to connect with German-speakers but if you know English, it is ok too! My level in German on Duolingo now: 8 (but I have learned it for 5 years before this magnificent service).


anyone can add me if they like. It's encouraging to see more people who are active and it keeps me motivated to keep practicing!


anyone can add me as well. I'm working on Spanish and Italian


Buenos días LedgendFlare3492. I've just started on Duolingo, would you mind if I added you as a friend?


Go ahead, friend me:) I don`t bite!


I doubt it's likely to happen. But good luck though


Mr. Negative over here... don't be such a Johnny Raincloud;)


You can friend me, if you want.


I'll add all of you guys and thank you.


I just started learning Spanish on Duo also. I'm only a level 2 so far :( . I'm taking this seriously though! I want to be a fluent Spanish speaker A.s.a.p. So anyone can friend me for help or study buddies lol I don't mind

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