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  5. "Harta conține itinerariul."

"Harta conține itinerariul."

Translation:The map contains the itinerary.

November 20, 2016



A document you use to plan a route (or the route itself).


"Itineriariul" does NOT mean the itinerary here. It should be "the map shows the route".


Not grammatically wrong - but still "wrong". Maps can show itineraries, the map may have the itinerary marked, but I don't think anyone (in the UK) would say the map contains the itinerary. NB I suppose the exception would be if the itinerary document was folded up inside the map - but I don't get the impression this is what the Romanian means.


Thanks poftim.

We now have shows not contains and route not itinerary as the preferred translation.

Sadly we have no way of getting Duolingo to do anything. Wish this was more like a Wiki.

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