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  5. "Noi suntem doar călători."

"Noi suntem doar călători."

Translation:We are just travelers.

November 20, 2016



Can we have English spelling too? England is not irrelevant yet!


In Ireland, "travellers" is used to refer to gypsies. Is it the same in Romanian?


No, absolutely not. The word for gypsy is „țigan” (often used, yet can be considered offensive) or, if you want to be very politically correct, "rrom" (it is however only really used in a formal context).


Travellers in English English has 2 lls. In American English it has 1 l. English English should not be marked wrong.


That's the problem when Duo Lingo is coded by Americans, so it inherits American spelling which isn't shared by the rest of the English speaking world. I still haven't forgiven Noah Webster for ruining American spelling.


Better way to translate: we are only travelers

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