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  5. "O să rezolv eu cu hainele."

"O rezolv eu cu hainele."

Translation:I will solve with the clothes.

November 20, 2016



??? What does this mean?


The translation is not very good. It means that you will take care of something, meaning you will solve it. Other examples:

O să rezolve ea cu biletele. - She will take care of the tickets (she will buy them or somehow get hold of them)

Rezolvi tu cu mâncarea, te rog? - Can you please take care of the food? (can you make sure that there is enough food etc.)


You're being nice, saying that "the translation is not very good": that is not the wording that first came to my mind! :-) Thank you for your explanation anyway! Here's another suggestion for a translation: "I will deal with the clothes". Do you think that "rezolv" goes further than just "deal with" or "take care" does?


„A rezolva” primarily means to find the solution to a problem. You can say „a rezolva o problemă” - to solve a problem. Source: https://dexonline.ro/definitie/rezolva


How about "I will find a solution for the clothes"?


Yes, that's fine, I would say. „O să rezolv eu cu hainele” implies that something needs to be done with the clothes (for instance, that they need to washed) and that you will be the one who will get it done. This means that there is a problem or an issue involving the clothes and that you will solve it. This is pretty colloquial, though.

A good translation for "I will find a solution for the clothes", besides the one already discussed, could be: „O să mă ocup eu de haine.”. It basically means the same thing and is also colloquial, but widely used.


Yes, your translation is good


Thank you! I have been wondering about the meaning of that sentence for quite some time now...


This is meaningless nonsense! Maybe it's supposed to mean "I'll look after the clothes" or "I'll deal with the clothes." "I'll take care of the clothes?" There are plenty of options that are comprehensible English ..... why choose one that isn't???


I get a picture of someone laying out piles of fresh laundry and thoughtfully musing, "4 socks and and 5 socks are 9 socks."


I will solve with the clothes is incomprensible English.


Total nonsense! Who creates this ❤❤❤❤ and THEN tries to defend it?
"I will solve with the clothes" is nothing short of hysterical English gobbledygook. I want to remember this so my friends can have a really good laugh. In fact, I want to collect all the nonsense sentences that are contained in this splendid course for future delectation. That might solve some of the irritation that seems to accompany learning Romanian.


If I'm ever in Romania and faced with a problem that must be solved with clothes, at least I'll have this sentence ready. Oh, and I might run into someone with ankles full of mustard as well.


I think we'd say I'll sort out the clothes.


I will solve it with the clothes Not correct?


"I will make up my mind/decide which clothes to wear".


Is it ibligated to use "eu" here!? Or in " eu ma voi scula la opt"?

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