"Hova mentek, a Várba?"

Translation:Where are you going, to the Castle?

November 20, 2016

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There's no mention of Buda.


Because of the capital letter V in Várba, they don't just go to 'the castle', but to 'THE castle'. And in Hungary, 'THE castle' is Buda castle. Similarly, in Czech, if you would capitalize the letter H in hrad (castle), you would mean Prague castle or even more specifically, the office of the president of the Czech Republic, located in the castle complex. It is really tricky though, and an explanation should be provided here.


maybe they should at least accept buda castle as a translation if they give it as a hint


No, that makes sense. Thanks.


What is wrong saying "into the castle"?


Why 'where do you go, to the castle?' Is not accepted?


Why not várbra?


Is this a case when it should not be translated? Like proper names and food? "Where are you going, to the Vár?"


It's an interesting point. I know from my own experience that that is exactly what happens when you talk about landmarks in a foreign language in real life. On the other hand, I guess we have to suspend our disbelief a bit and remember that the point here is to actually learn that "vár" is the Hungarian word for "castle", which is something I didn't know until literally just now, hahahaha.


More to the point, if in Budapest it means a specific area.


I thought places IN Hungary that end with "r" take inside suffixes unless it is "var".

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