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"Învățătoarele au șapte elevi."

Translation:The teachers have seven students.

November 20, 2016



Very interesting that "elevi" seems to be similar to Danish/Swedish/Norwegian (eleven=the student/pupil). Any specific links between the languages or just coincidence?


I don't think there's a general link between the Romanian and Scandinavian languages, but there are several words in the languages that share a common origin. The word "elev" comes from French élève/élever. The word "cartof" is similar to the German/Danish "kartoffel". An older form of "kartoffel" appears to be "tartuffel". It's from Italian "tartufolo", which actually means truffle.

I didn't find an etymology map for "elev", but here's one for "cartof":

Apparently the British and the Spanish are the only ones who "pine" for "pineapples":


Elev, french élève, italian allievo, they all share the latin root alere, which means "feed", in this case feed mental food...

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