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"O infirmieră vorbește cu doi farmaciști."

Translation:An orderly speaks with two pharmacists.

November 20, 2016



An orderly (US English) is a hospital porter (Brit. English) I think. But my guess is that the word infirmieră actually means nurse (i.e. it requires some training in the care of the sick). In French infirmière is nurse and in English we have the word infirmary for the building where the care takes place.


It was very likely taken from French during the nineteenth-century language purification movement. It might be a faux ami, though. I wish a Romanian would chime in on this.


The https://dexonline.ro/definitie/infirmiera says it is a qualified person who helps the doctors. Here http://ro-en.gsp.ro/index.php?q=infirmiera it says it translates in nurse, nurse-maid or case-worker. Orderly means "sanitar" it has a military connotation and it has the lowest rank in the medical field (think changing sheets and bedpans). The problem is that the language evolves. Nurse is now "asistent/ă medical/ă" and "infirmier/a" does the work of an orderly.


The modern equivalent of orderly is Health Care Assistant (UK). They do the physical nursing work in hospitals and nursing homes


Nurse is the correct translation


i translated with NURSE and it was accepted. LIXMAGE is correct : infirmiera is French infirmiere. and also Italian infermiera, Spanish enfermera, Portuguese enfermeira. But I don't see the Latin origin, at least NOT classic Latin. Maybe the popular one. ?


From infirmus, weak or feeble. I have definitely seen it in medieval sources describing the sick, but I don't know whether one finds it in classical sources. I am sure it would have come into Romanian, as many modern words do, from French.


I am not familiar with the word orderly. Would 'nurse' be accepted as an accurate translation?


why is speaks accepted and talks wrong? and in another sentence, about professors and students, conversely, talks are accepted as the correct answer?


Is "infirmiera" nurse or orderly? It is not the same! Neither in Britain nor in America.

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