"Ezek az áruházak sem nemzetiek: ez spanyol, az pedig francia."

Translation:These department stores are not national either: this one is Spanish, and that one is French.

November 20, 2016

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In this context, nemzeti should be translated as "domestic."


Agreed, and my questions to native speakers: Wouldn't belföldiek (domestic) be better in the Hungarian sentence? And does nemzetiek also translate to state-owned?


well, in my opinion, belföldiek is also good. However I would rather use simply "magyarok".

  • Ezek az áruházak sem magyarok (like it's a French multi like Auchan)
  • Ezek az áruházak sem magyar/nemzeti tulajdonban vannak/állnak OR Ezeknek az áruházaknak sem magyar tulajdonosai vannak (so in this case the nationality of the owners are in the focus)

Department stores are never owned by the state. However there is a nemzeti vagyon (national/state-owned wealth/assets) like roads, offices, caves, waters, etc.


If I tilt my head and squint just right, I can just barely force myself to interpret "nemzeti" as domestic. But it's hard. Basically, this is a very bad example sentence.


this sentence does not make sense to me in either language


Ezek az áruházak nem magyarok: ez El Corte Inglés (spanyol), az pedig Galeries Lafayette (francia). This was my first impression. Btw is there any Hungarian "áruház" similar to these two?

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