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"Cái làm cho Sao Thiên Vương màu xanh da trời?"

Translation:What makes Uranus blue?

November 20, 2016



I just looked it up. Looks like there's a lot of methane in the outer parts of the planet, and that absorbs red and reflects blue!


Azure or sky-blue?


The Vietnamese sentence was referring to "xanh" as in the colour "blue", and not "xanh" as in "green". To differentiate between "blue" and "green" specifically, the Vietnamese sentence said "xanh da trời" for "blue"

If they really wanted to say "azure", "sky blue", or any variation of some kind of "light blue", then the sentence would say "... màu xanh da trời nhạt". I hope that clears up any confusion.


or is that only your lips?

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