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"A szakácsoknak van egy nagy konyhájuk."

Translation:The cooks have a big kitchen.

November 20, 2016



'Large' is synonymous with 'big', it should be accepted. Reported.


------- it worked for me as of

Big 30 jul 18


"A szakácsoknak van egy nagy konyhájuk". big = large Why not have a large kitchen instead of a big kitchen? Another BLEEP for something that should be accepted.


When stuff like that happens to me, I just glare at my monitor and say "not my BLEEP Duolingo, that one's yours!"


Thus far I have yet to see "Szakács" translated as "Chef" in this Duolingo course, Cook and chef are interchangeable in English, and Chefs I'd imagine would be the preferred choice here, but I dare not try for fear of the dreaded bleep.


I still think that chefs are the bosses of the rest of the cooks. The alpha cooks. In Hungarian főszakács, "head-cook".


Cooks and chefs are not interchangeable. A "chef" is someone usually with a recognized qualification in charge of a kitchen with staff. Not all cooks are chefs.


Not accepted: The cooks are having a big kitchen.


Because that one sounds really strange. With "have", the usual way is the simple present, with a few exceptions.


I agree with vvsey. It works better in a different context : The cooks are having a conversation.


Grammar rule in English: are having is something you are doing; have is something you possess.

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