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"Ei ar pune campionatul săptămâna asta."

Translation:They would set the championship this week.

November 20, 2016


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This is meaningless in English! As are so very many other sentences on the Romanian tree! Will you go with us at the sea. We would put the break at five o'clock. The English from Romanian tree was a pleasure but the Romanian from English tree needs a great deal of work indeed!


I agree with you. In this case, the correct translation for "pune campionatul săptămâna asta" would be something like "schedule the league games for this week".


report and eventually they will fix it


What is this sentence supposed to mean?


They would organise it on that certain week. Bad translation. You can also always say „Ei ar organiza campionatul săptămâna asta”.


It's a more colloquial way of saying it.


This sounds more like romanian slang. There are so many other verbs one uses to schedule something. The use of "set/pune" sounds weird in both english and romanian.


not even slang. Simply nonsense. I'm a native speaker, and this whole course is a joke. Sadly.


Well, I've learnt a lot of Romanian (free) thanks to Duolingo. My native speaker friends compliment me on my accent. Mulţumesc!


"The whole course" is a bit unfair, but the second half of it is terrible, I agree.


Can this be changed please? It is nonsense in English.


Fnarb pfim pwangbam schneeurp.

Sorry, I just felt we didn't have enough nonsense sentences on this course yet.


How about "They would set the date for the championship for this week"?


"They would put on the champoinship this week" Buy the trabslation is bad


romglish de baltish. Cine face cursul asta? Gigel din Lungani dupa ce si-o tras si el internet pe cablu si o vazut 2 episoade din "gaym of trons"?


"Stabilit" might work better than "pune"; e.g., "They would set the championship date for this week"; "Ei ar fi stabilit data campionatului pentru această săptămână". Makes sense, native speaker(s)?


a pune directly translates to to put


For my American English I could say 'They would set the championship "for" this week.' Ha, the suggestions at the top of my keyboard even suggested to insert "for"


I thought they were trying to say something like - This week they would set the record. That was the sense I derived from it though the person below who said something about the schedule being set may be closer to the intended meaning. This is unclear, in my opinion..

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