"The pineapple and the carrot are on the table."

Translation:Ananasul și morcovul sunt pe masă.

November 20, 2016

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Is there a significant difference between se află pe masă and pe masă for on the table?


i'm wondering the same thing. what is better: 'a se afla pe masă' means 'to exist on the table' or 'to lie on the tableț


I guess it's the same as in English: "They are on the table" is just a bit more lazy than "They are located/lying on the table". Maybe you'd prefer a longer, more specific statement in written texts.


The answer I typed came up as wrong. Yet it was exactly the same as the correct version given. I've lost a heart! Why?! Ive got a screenshot... Finding some annoying inconsistencies with this app now.


Anyone have any idea avout the difference between sunt and se afla?

[deactivated user]

    "Sunt= are" and " se afla= can be found"..."a se afla" is synonym with " a se gasi= to be found"

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