"Depresia este o boală urâtă."

Translation:Depression is an ugly disease.

November 20, 2016

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I don't think that one can say "an ugly disease" or "an ugly illness" whatsoever.


Would depression be considered a disease? I mean things like autism and down syndrome aren't because they're conditions.


Depression is a mental illness, since it isn't a condition that people live with their entire lives. Also, depression can be cured while conditions can't.


I've often seen mental illnesses referred to as diseases - colloquially, at least - but in a strictly medical sense I don't think they would technically count.


Should we think, dear Duo, that there are "nice diseases"...?!?


I think it should read, "Depression is a horrid disease". And yes it is a disease, it's lack of a hormone or more to the brain, like diabetes is a lack of insulin. Only trouble is you can't have homones injected into your brain, so they have to be made in the body, either with antidepressants or weekly therapy.


Depression may be "reactive" (a normal response to unpleasant experiences or difficult circumstances) in which case it is known as a "neurosis" and it might not be considered a disease (I think that is what previous posters had in mind). However it can also arise endogenously (without apparent environmental causes) and be associated with delusions and other symptoms, in which case it would be called a "psychosis" and conventionally regarded as a "disease" (one of the major schizo-affective conditions. I think Duolingo's use of the word "disease" is OK in the sense that it is consistent with medical orthodoxy.


Certainly wouldn't use "ugly" in this instance. "Nasty" would be better

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