"Copilul fuge înspre ei."

Translation:The child runs towards them.

November 20, 2016

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I'm confused about spre, înspre and către. All are translated to towards in English. How do I know which one I need to use in Romanian or are they all interchangeable? Are there sentences where I can only use one of the options?


They are the same. However, I don't remember ever using "înspre".


from everything i read elsewhere the three words are interchangeabe. But Duolingo software is not programmed to recognise all three as correct in every sentence.


why do we use fuge here instead of aleargă?


Both are perfectly ok in this context. The words are synonymous, with a slight difference in nuance: „a alerga” usually refers strictly to the physical action of running (for instance, in a marathon), whereas „a fugi” usually (but not always) implies you are running away from danger.

You can say „am alergat la maraton”, but you can definitely not use „a fugi” in this context.


Is it not towards instead of toward?


Either is correct English.


"Toward" is American, "towards" is used by everyone else.


I read once that without an "s" is for abstract ideas, with "s" is for concrete things. It doesn't have to be a rule, but it's a neat guideline.

"She moves closer toward her dream . . ." "He ran towards the sun."


There was something interesting in this sentence. DL offer me (for translation of "ei") to choose between "her" and "them". I choose "ei" but DL saiz - wrong. And I think about how to know which one is switable when?


copilul aleargă spre ei. = the child runs towards them.
copilul aleargă spre ea. = the child runs towards her.
copilul aleargă spre casa ei. = the child runs towards her house.

so ei has two meaning and duolingo software will not always be able to tell you which one is appropriate.


As I remeber, "ei"=her is the possessive form, accordingly to the masculine one "lui"=his. So whenever you see that a possessive makes no sense in this sentence then " them/they" would be the better choice.


Words presented in hints are generally untrustable as it's a highly context-insensitive feature. You are lucky if the right word appears at all - it doesn't indicate that a certain translation will fit the sentence.


The voic clearly says copierul and everithing went down hill from there. Also still nobody as answered about spre înspre and catre differences or specific usage cases.Please clarify ASAP. Thanks to whomever does it!!!


There is an extensive explanation given here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27210160

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