"Eu nu sunt un bărbat."

Translation:I am not a man.

November 20, 2016

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Hi sorry just commenting to find out my username cause I'm a melon go about your business


Eu-I, nu-negative/not, sunt-am, un-a, barbat


what is the difference with "o" and "un"? it's both a, but how do i use them right?


In Romanian there are genres. So things can be female, male or neutral (neutral is harder but uses the basics of the other two genres, they change genres when plural is used though). So for female objects you would use 'o' (for example table 'o fată', a girl), and for male objects you would use 'un' (as in 'un băiat', a boy). Hope this helps.


This helps me alot. Been wondering same thing. Thanks.


That's fab, cheers :) sounds a bit like my days attempting French lol


O is for female, and un is for male


Romania is a romance language o is female and un is male


How come "Eu sunt un bărbat" sounds off and is incorrect, meanwhile "Eu nu sunt un bărbat" is correct?


"Eu sunt un bărbat." = "I am a man." It is not the sentence in this exercise.

"Eu nu sunt un bărbat." = "I am not a man." This is the sentence that we are learning here. These are not reflecting you personally. We are simply learning how to read and repeat these.


barbat ... does this derive from "bearded one"? Barbarossa = the red bearded one, and, I believe, Barbary pirates = the bearded pirates.

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