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"Azi avem douăzeci și șapte de grade celsius."

Translation:Today it is twenty seven degrees Celsius.

November 20, 2016



”We have” is not generally used in English for this sentence, in favour of ”it is...”


In Romanian you can also use the verb „a fi” (to be) when talking about temperature in this manner.


In English it is should be used in place of we have


This question is incorrect and must be changed to be correct.

It should "Avi sunt douăzeci..." which is "It is twenty...".

Please fix.


See all other comments - a fix would be great!


2019-08-09 It appears the English has been made more natural in the past couple of months, but it is still not quite correct: the number should be "twenty-seven", with a hyphen, not a space.


We have is incorrect English as others have said. It should not be a correct answer despite being a literal translation. Today it is 27 degrees celsius is marked wrong. Not sure why???

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