"Voi vă îmbătați împreună."

Translation:You get drunk together.

November 21, 2016

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Can someone offer insight a to why the verbs in this particular lesson are reflexive? We've seen "think," "get drunk," "is happy," and "rest" etc.. Is there a theme to what makes these reflexive?


"A îmbăta" is a verb that describes an action on someone ("Eu îl îmbăt pe el" means "i give him so much alcohol that he gets drunk"). If the action is on you then you have the reflexive case.


------- i wash (myself ), i comb (my hair ), i brush (my teeth ) or you wash (your hands, your clothes ), she combs (her hair, their hair ), we brush (our hair, our teeth, their clothes ), they ... etc.,

myself, himself, herself, ourselves, your selves, yourself, their selves

  • most common signals of reflexive verbs . . .

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