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bonus round not enough time

i am hearing impaired and have to ask for the repeat slow button often and I don't make the bonus round in time.

February 13, 2013



There isn't enough time for the bonus rounds, period. I can hear just fine, get all of the answers right, and type at 50wpm, but still have the timer run out when I'm around 3 questions to the finish.


I don't understand how you can ever finish in time. My son says every right answer adds time. When I do it I do not get the bonus time and always finish far too late.


The feature where right answers give you extra time (+7 seconds) is only present in the practice rounds, not in the bonus rounds nor in the refresh rounds.


I agree that there is not enough time allowed.


Originally I didn't think there was enough time, but then after I started to learn the words better my time improved and I've consistently been getting to it on time. Maybe Duolingo can add an option (with a warning that you won't learn as quickly) letting people expand the time to 2:30 or something.

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