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"Deutschland wird Bildung weiterhin fördern."

Translation:Germany will continue to promote education.

February 20, 2014



What is the difference between weiterhin and noch?


I feel that "weiterhin" has more of a connotation of "into the future". "noch" refers more to the immediate situation.. Someone can confirm or deny..


German is not my mother tongue but from what I understand is... Noch is used as "still", Gibt es noch Pizza? (Is there still Pizza?). But noch is a rather tricky word and i believe has other not ao obvious uses. Weiterhin is used as continue... Just like this sentence does


weiterhin means we do now and will in future (without no visible or thought end) noch would have in our context more emphasis on we do , we will - but we dont know howlong (or we know not for much longer)

but I wrote furthermore (what is - I checked on leo) - the exact translation for weiterhin. And Duo took a heart away. Again: I ´m annoyed and I would be p.....if I would not be so well educated ;-)


So weiterhin means that Germany will continue to promote education as they have done in the past?


What is wrong with "Germany will promote education further"?


"Further" suggests "even more" or "broader". "Continue" is doing the same, unchanged from how you are doing it already.


The sentence doesn't seem to make sense in English (at least not with the same message we are trying to convey) I think it would have to be Germany will further promote education. Not entirely sure though.


In this sentence , i heard WIRT, not WIRD, the speech is not clear..


Well, those two words do sound very similar in German. I don't think you will find many Germans who pronounce them differently ;-) You have to guess which is meant by context. As one is a verb and one is a nomen, that shouldn't be too hard -> er/sie/es wird VS. der Wirt


I heard willt, but that does not exist, so I should have guessed. It is unclear, but context should have told me what I was hearing.


Duolingo also accepted: Germany will still foster education.


'Germany will keep supporting eduction.' should be accepted, as well.


Germany will promote education furthermore?


How many times do I have to repeat "Deutschland wird Bildung weiterhin förden." and "Schmuck ist jederzeit willkommne."? I spend ten minutes repeating those and then you throw everything in the book at me! If you want me to learn the rest of it, let me get to learning it. I would appreciate not wasting my time running the gauntlet of the dual mantras of Schmuck & Bildung!


This is the second appearance of this sentence. I repeated word for word the earlier sentence, which is now marked incorrect , and the above version is stated to be the correct one. the former was;- Deutschland wird weiterhin die Bildung fördern, and was marked correct. Now it is marked wrong.......HELP !!!!!!!


According to wiktionary, "fördern" is related to the English verb "further", which isn't accepted by Duolingo.


Maybe they're Falsche Freunde like университет and university.


Hi RedSwirl! Further can absolutely mean 'foerdern' but more in a sense of taking minerals (or oil) out of the ground. The meaning of 'foerdern' in this sentence is 'supporting' or 'promoting'. Great question, though!


That wasn't a question that was a statement.


Hi hud, yours was a question though, right? The hypothesis about false friends (which doesn't really apply in this case), I mean :)


"Germany will furthermore support education" was not accepted. What is wrong?


Furthermore doesn’t mean ‘continue to’. It means ‘In addition’. So it depends on what weiterhin means. Does it mean to continue to or does it mean in addition?


"in addition" if you think about time, means "additionally" like "after".

collins says "weiterhin" means "still" https://www.collinsdictionary.com/translator Google says: "farther" or "furthermore". https://translate.google.com/#view=home&op=translate&sl=de&tl=en&text=weiterhin


"Germany will support education furthermore", same words other order of the words, was also not accepted.

Collins https://www.collinsdictionary.com/translator translates it: "Deutschland wird die Bildung weiter unterstützen" which is exactly the same as google: https://translate.google.com/#view=home&op=translate&sl=en&tl=de&text=Germany%20will%20support%20education%20furthermore. Well both are wrong of course because it is not "die Bildung", but "Bildung" without the "die". But with that correction, it is the same as the sentence to translate. So I feel that the sentence"Germany will support education furthermore" should be added to the database :)

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