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"Phía trước chúng tôi một cây cầu vững chắc."

Translation:In front of us is a solid bridge.

November 21, 2016



There is a solid bridge in front of us us correct . the example is not .


You mean ‘there is’.


"In front of us is a solid bridge" sounds a bit awkward to me too. Reminds me of something you'd read in an old novel. It works though. Are you suggesting "There is a solid bridge in front of us"? If so, then the Vietnamese translation would be "Có một cây cầu vững chắc phía trước chúng tôi".


What does the sentence mean?


'Before us', is not accepted. 'Before us' is synonymous with 'in front of us". 'Before' can act as a preposition of place a well as a preposition of time.


I'm getting weary of these crappy English sentences. Put a little more effort into having a quality product

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