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  5. "Ngày vinh quang không xa."

"Ngày vinh quang không xa."

Translation:The glorious day is not far.

November 21, 2016



From Chinese 榮光

  • Mandarin: róngguāng
  • Cantonese: wìhnggwōng


this sounds like propaganda!


far is for distances; it should be "far off" or "far away." The hover hint even lists far away, so I don't know why Duo is not accepting it for the answer.


Right on, Celeste. "Far off" is natural English.


"Glorious days are not far." - could this also be an acceptable translation?


No, but that would be an appropriate translation for the plural form of the sentence: những ngày vinh quang không xa.


"glorious" another word to add to my list of Duolingo words I'll never use in Vietnamese. I don't know when the last time was that I even used it in my native tongue...English...


Other people do use the word. My wife says, "It's a glorious day!" whenever she wants me to work in the garden.


Yes a glorious day is not far off could be and is used as such to refer to weather whereas "the day of glory is not far (off) refers to some kind of event battle olypic medal etc. So I think this translation is in error


I didn't offer a translation. I merely noted that "glorious" is not so unusual a word in English.

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