"The judge has a black dress."

Translation:Le juge a une robe noire.

February 13, 2013

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I wonder if they really mean that the judge has a black dress, or do they mean a black robe?


How interesting! Just a few slides ago, THEY (that's a repetitive theme) made a point of "juge" being both masculine and feminine, and now, all of a sudden, "la juge" is not acceptable! Go figure! rolling eyes



I had the opposite experience: when I looked up "la juge" it seemed to mean "justice," like the abstract concept, but here it wanted both. It was a "mark all the correct answers" question.


I think it's incorrect because of "un robe"

[deactivated user]

    I was marked wrong for not include la juge. Does this mean that all nouns can be feminized and vice versa?


    The previous slide introduced juge as a masculine noun - not masculine and feminine. The above translation is "le juge". So to be marked incorrect because I did not tick La juge as a correct alternative is tanamount to an ambush.


    Duolingo has a very bad habit of asking me questions about things they haven't taught ( like meteir, last lesson ). It's very frustrating.

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