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Romanian learner facts!

Hi guys! Here are some incredible facts about the Romanian course for English learners!

Romanian was released on Wednesday, November 16, 2016!

Romanian accumulated 15,600 learners in five days!

On average, that means there are 3,120 people signing in to learn Romanian every day!

Breaking that down a little more, there is an average of 130 new learners every hour!

Putting that down even more, there is an average of 2.16 new learners every minute!

That means there, on average, a different user starts learning Romanian every 27.8 seconds!

I hope you enjoy these fun facts!

November 21, 2016



I am learning Romanian :D

[deactivated user]

    Facts on the origin of Romanian language and its close ties to English

    Romanian was invented in 1982 by Johann Gelbner of Berlin, right after inventing English.

    Romanian brought its inventor the first prize at the Fifth Annual Contest of Languages in Portsmouth-oder-Rhine.

    Gelbner sold the copyrights for the language, along with those for English, American, Australian, New-Zealandish and Canadian, to a languages dealer called Abrahms, who was a bit of a crook. This man then sold English to several countries and kept the others for himself, thus creating big international tension.

    Fortunately for romanians, they got half of the languages they had ordered.

    Abrahms swapped about 250 frequently used words between Romanian and English, without Gelbner's knowledge. To this day, Gelbner speaks both languages incorrectly because of that.

    These facts are intended to bring fun. They are not supposed to inform in any way, although they are 100% true.


    Romanian is not that close to English. English is in the Indo-European language group. Romanian is part of the Romance language group. English and German are more closely related because they are similar roots. Romanian and Spanish both come from Latin so they have are closer. English and Romanian are not related much at all. Also, Romanian was not invented in 1982. Neacsu's letter was written in 1521 and is the oldest surviving document written in Romanian. In 1982, there were 22.52 million people living in Romania. And almost all of them spoke Romanian! Please check your facts before you say something is 100% true.

    [deactivated user]

      Yes, you are 1000% right! Romanian sounds a lot more Romance than English, which in turn sounds both a lot more Indian and a lot more European than Romanian! I'm not sure why Johann Gelbner put them in such different language groups - maybe because he was confused?! Maybe he was mad?! Maybe he loved both Latin and Indo-European. Regarding Neacsu's letter - the fact that he wrote a letter in Romanian doesn't make him the inventor of the language, don't you agree?


      Please check your facts. Johann Gelbner was NOT the inventor of Romanian. He did not write Neascsu's letter (Neascsu wrote it, and that's why it's called NEASCSU'S LETTER.)

      [deactivated user]

        Indeed, Neacsu wrote the letter to Gelbner who, after reading it twice and very carefully, decided to invent Romanian, English and several other languages (see Galilei 1993, Gosset 2001, Laplace 2012 for a detailed discussion).

        Much of Gelbner's languages are now extinct - some simply didn't catch (who would speak a language designed only to express water related facts?! a fish, maybe?). This was Gelbner's way of thinking - it's really a surprise that part of his work is still in use as we speak.

        An even greater surprise is the fact that you're taking this discussion seriously.


        I am your biggest fan


        This is really cool! XD


        I moved to Bucharest 4 months ago and will be here for a couple of years. This Romanian course is just perfect for my needs, though I'm going to be a slow learner even with the basics as many Romanians here speak great English. Thanks for adding this language, perfect timing for me!


        Hardest part of being an expat: everyone wants to practice his English when you want to practice the local language. :-)


        Introduce yourself as being Welsh (even if you are not). It worked very well when I was a Germany when I went on a school holiday many moons ago.

        My friends went round and everyone spoke English to them, I said "Ich bin Galwieserin" and everyone let me try out my German!


        I keep hearing this, a lot.


        How has your Romanian learning experience been? Romanians still wanting to speak English with you or did you convince them to help you learn Romanian?


        Nice to be one of those people in this statistic now that I started Romanian today.



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