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  5. "De liker kjolene."

"De liker kjolene."

Translation:They like the dresses.

November 21, 2016



What the frick is a frock?


It's a type of dress. The term is common in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the United Kingdom, but not so much in the US.


Oh. that's so weird!!!


Well, so are words like broil, cilantro, deplane, bangs and the absolutely hilarious (to anyone who isn't from North America) fanny pack. :)


Wait, are you saying those words aren't popular in America? Or are you saying they're not popular outside of America?


I'm saying that they're very, very American. 'Fanny pack' in particular will get you some very odd looks in the UK, as will any sentence containing the first word.


literally no one here in the uk uses "frock". You'd sound like you'd just walked out of the victorian era.


Older people say frock, and folk generally say it as a joke, in the uk


Frock is a word that is less used in the US than it used to be. Older word, but you can still see it in catalogues to describe a dress that is characteristically lightweight and worn for spring/summer weather.


The thing you are missing with this program is a section where you differentiate the sounds. Could please say the sounds together. I would suggest, for example, say de, while showing it then say deg, while showing it, etc. I learn best by hearing and differentiating sounds is important to my learning I am less interested in the written word but I believe both are necessary to retain the language.


Is it just me or does the audio sound like there's an 'm' near the end of kjolene? Really threw me off :/


late response, but I constantly hear an m when there's an n

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