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  5. "Mae hi'n dwym heddiw."

"Mae hi'n dwym heddiw."

Translation:It is warm today.

November 21, 2016



Why is 'She is warm today' not accepted...?


A year late, but responding to this as a way of checking my own understanding...

Unless there is some contextual reason for assuming the sentence is speaking of a female, the accepted usage is to assume the sentence is always speaking of "it". In this example, there is no reason to think that this is speaking of a person. "Mae hi'n" is considered to be "It is", unless there is some context indicating otherwise.


I thought warm was gynes??


I was expecting dwym  to take the soft mutation after yn  (→ mae hi'n ddwym).

Am I missing something?


Yes, "Twym" has undergone mutation here. "Ap geiriaduron" is a useful tool to find mutated words and is available on the app store and play store.


So dwym is already mutated!

I had wrongly memorized it as an un-mutated adjective. Obviously, twym → yn dwym.

Thanks a lot.

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