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  5. "My husband is over there."

"My husband is over there."

Translation:Мій чоловік там.

November 21, 2016



If you want to say "there," it's "там," but if you say "OVER there," the correct expression in Ukrainian is "он там."


...он там....ось там...


Also, in response to some questions here, “муж" is a perfectly acceptable term for husband in Ukrainian. It's neither archaic nor especially poetic although it is regional usage.


Husband doesn't tranlating like "чоловік" or not?

[deactivated user]

    «Чоловік» can mean either 'man, male' or 'husband', depending on the context.


    Just like in english you can use "my man " as my husband


    "My man" could refer to any male partner (regardless of whether you're married, living together, or just going steady.) It's also a good bit less formal than "husband", "boyfriend", or "plus one".


    Not really. "My man" is very slang. If a girl says it, it usually means "boyfriend," unless the person listening already knows the couple is married. When a man says "my man," it usually means "my good friend"


    Is there in Ukrainian another word for translating of "husband"?

    [deactivated user]

      Чоловік is the best translation for 'husband' in literary Ukrainian.

      Like any language, Ukrainian has synonyms. Other words include муж (sounds archaic and poetic in literary language), дружина (used to be a both husbands and wifes in the past, now the meaning 'husband' is obsolete and poetic, usually this word only means 'wife'), супруг (very rare). However, those are nowhere as common as чоловік, so Duolingo probably won't accept them.

      Чоловік is the neutral word, and it's usually the best choice.


      I'm having trouble sussing out the difference between і and и...


      Think of it somewhat as the difference between the English "peel" (Ukrainian "і") and "pill" (Ukrainian "и"). That's oversimplified but analogous. It should work for understanding

      Чоловік "choloveek" Дружина "droozhinna"


      Why can't you just write


      For many good reasons including


      LOLOLOLOLOL Every time I read this, I bust out laughing


      Why doesn't it use моя чоловік там?


      Because чоловік is a gender-masculine noun.

      мій чоловік, моя дружина, моє місто


      How do I write "my" for my husband in english letters for the ukrainian pronunciation?


      "mih" or maybe "myh." The "h" is silent.


      Ukrainian my in english letters of the ukrainian


      "my" is the correct romanization of ми. But for pronunciation, "mih" is pretty close. "mi" as in "mill" Or maybe "myh"?


      I did correctly hut it showing wrong


      If you're looking for meaningful feedback in the forum: It's always good to include:

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      Clear questions with full sentences are appreciated. Questions of the form "ABC is wrong because?" will often get answered, but not by me. Questions of the form "hundo?" are probably clear to the asker, but not always to the answerer.

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