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"El este britanic sau scoțian?"

Translation:Is he British or Scottish?

November 21, 2016



I mean technically Scots are still Brits


Well, maybe not for long..!


Actually yes.

"British" as an ethnic term was created specifically to refer to the Union between England/Wales and Scotland. So if Scotland leaves some of the more die-hard Unionists in the Norn lands will be fanatically (and probably murderously) in favor of keeping the name "Britain," but everyone else will immediately start trying to think of new names. As a geographic term Scotland is on an island and the island's name is Britain.


Well technically Scots are Brits, and a lot more people call themselves British than just the people who live in the Union. Some South Africans call themselves British when they come to live in the UK as do Pakistani's Indian's etc. even though they hold passports from other countries.. believe me I've had to tick the ethnicity box on the NHS (National Health Service -- our British health care system)computer system!


So to repeat, if necessary ad nauseam, you can be English or Scottish, but if you are Scottish you MUST be British because Scotland is de facto part of the island of Britain.

Americans are notorious for confusing the terms British and English - but this is not a linguistic difference to be honoured, it is WRONG (ignorant and potentially insulting). In Romanian terms I guess the question is a bit like saying are you from Bucharest or Romania. It doesn't make sense and never could.

WarsawWill is also correct regarding Scot vs Scott.


I can't go through this question. It says the right answer is "scoțian" but in the twelve answers there isn't that one :(


Does anyone actually ever read these comments and change the wording?


Duolingo Romanian is run by volunteers, and it has very few of them. Last time I checked it was literally one person. They're quite good about fixing actual mistakes if you report the mistake, but that one person is not gonna read every comment thread and redraft each sentence that's kinda silly.


Wish they'd do a British English to Romanian version, as all the American English gets a touch annoying at times. But if it's done by volunteers then it's more understandable.


Pretty sure they don't.


maybe they just talking about cat breeds


Scotland is a part of Britain, as much as England. If there was an English state, or an Anglo-Welsh state Scotland would still be British. The question is both offensive and geographically incorrect.


Given the various political controversies it's more like saying "Is he Romanian or is he from Harghita."


Basically what I was going to say...


Who translating this???


So many answers on this exercise that I can't even read the question.


Rude, Wrong. All Scots are forever British, in or out of the United Kingdom. So long as the words have their current meaning and definition, that's a fact rather than opinion.


Scots should be accpeted


"Many a brave English deed was done by a Scott."


”Is he Brit or Scot” should be accepted

  • 1678

No, it would need to be "is he a Brit or a Scot?" If you want to use the noun forms.


Even then, "a Brit" would be considered a slang term, whereas "a Scot" is an acceptable shortened form.


A Briton might be more formal.


OK, thanks a lot for your insight!

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