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"I sleep a lot because I am young."

Translation:Eu dorm mult deoarece sunt tânăr.

November 21, 2016



What is the difference between the different words for ”because”?


Basically none. However, Romanians are obsessed with cacophonies with /k/, so they would use "deoarece" to avoid it:
EN: I am getting tired because I am carrying heavy luggages.
RO: Obosesc pentru că car bagaje grele. - cacophony
RO: Obosesc fiindcă car bagaje grele. - cacophony
RO: Obosesc deoarece car bagaje grele.

Disclaimer: my own edgy view
You shouldn't care about this, as a cacophony is basically just an alliteration that some random people arbitrarily consider unpleasant.


Why isn't "din cauza ca" accepted here?


i believe that's only used for negative cause-and-effect situations. e.g. "i'm late because of (the) traffic (jam)", there you could use it. or "i'm fat because i eat too much" - basically a fault/flaw. but the fact that a person is young is not considered "bad" here.

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