"You write and I read."

Translation:Tu scrii și eu citesc.

November 21, 2016

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citesc is definitively a word with slavic origins...


Not really. Think "citation" in English, which comes from Latin


"Citer" in french means "to quote", which comes from latin


Why is scrii și citesc unacceptable here?


I think because the third person plural (they = ei/ele) also uses "citesc" and it's not possible to determine the subject of the sentence without including the pronoun in this case.


Even though 'scrii' does mean 'you write' and 'citesc' means 'I read' and Romanian often allows for the pronoun to be dropped because of this, you DO need the pronoun in this very sentence. This sentence is a statement that contrasts between two different persons and subjects: you do this, whereas I am doing that. If there is no contrast, or no need to highlight who is the subject, feel free to drop the pronoun, you could percectly translage 'you write and read' as 'scrii și citești' or 'I write and I read' as 'scriu și citesc'.


I wrote voi scrieți instead or tu scrii. It is correct cause in english there is no difference between tu and voi. So why i an wrong ? How can i guess that it is tu instead of voi???


"You write and I read" can be translated into:

  • Tu scrii și eu citesc.

  • Tu scrii iar eu citesc.

  • Voi scrieți și eu citesc.

  • Voi scrieți iar eu citesc.

  • Dumneavoastră scrieți și eu citesc.

  • Dumneavoastră scrieți iar eu citesc.

All these answers are valid and should be accepted by Duo because the sentence"You write and I read" does not specify if "You" is singular, plural or formal. In the real world you would also know the context in which you are saying it, this allows you to know which Romanian translation can be used.

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