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"Ea făcea experimente, dar nu înțelegea rezultatele!"

Translation:She was doing experiments but she did not understand the results!

November 21, 2016



I am so confused as to which instances want "he Xed" and which want "he was Xing". It seems random and there is no guidance. I thought these were all meant to be in the same tense.


They are all the same tense in Romanian, but the translations to English change and hence it is confusing in certain phrases. "She was doing experiments but she wasn't understanding the results" is the literal translation, but "wasn't understanding" does not sound good in English.


I don't agree, "she wasn't understanding the results" is the correct tense to match the rest of the sentence and sounds perfectly grammatical and fine to me (native English speaker). E.g. "She was doing experiments but wasn't understanding the results so she hired a tutor".


I'd suggest allowing "She used to conduct experiments but didn't understand the results!" as well as "do experiments". In UK English, it's more normal to talk of conducting experiments; "doing experiments" sounds unnatural.


Why is “used to do experiments” not correct here?


A translation that should be accepted is: "She was doing experiments but not understanding the results."

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