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  5. "Βαριέμαι."


Translation:I am bored.

November 21, 2016



Could we get a better translation for this word because I know it's used as "I'm lazy" sometimes by greek people, unless I'm completely wrong about that and I've been using it in the wrong way.


(This is my personal opinion as a native speaker, about the literal translations of the words.)

Okay, to fully understand this, let's see the terms.

According to Psychotherapists:

Boredom doesn't exist in reality. It is a belief born from the idea there is nothing new. What it really is, is there is nothing new for you at that level. you're not interested in exploring it anymore.

Lazy Lazy is a shame term used on people in an attempt to motivate them. It is a negative format.

Likewise, as a native speaker, I'm sure someone would never use "Τεμπελιάζω/είμαι τεμπέλης" (Literal translation of I'm lazy) on themselves. It's probably something their mother would say for not cleaning their rooms or not doing their homework, or not being willing to work. Not that actual someone. (i'm sure you've never heard someone that's greek being like "Είμαι τεμπέλης.")

(I don know english people tend to use lazy for themselves, greeks don't though, with the literal meaning.)

Yes, sometimes people do tend to use I'm bored when they actually mean I'm lazy in english, like for example

"I won't go out tonight. I'm bored/I won't go out tonight. I'm lazy."

But in greek

"Βαριέμαι να βγω έξω απόψε", and while βαριέμαι could also mean τεμπελιάζω here, (as too lazy to get dressed to go out and stuff), no one would acually use the latter one.

So, when we are talking about other people, yes, bored= βαριέμαι could be certainly replaced with lazy= τεμπελιάζω (almost like an insult). When we are talking about ourselves, just bored=βαριέμαι is the way to go.^.^

Hope I helped you a bit ^.^


It can also be used for "I'm sick of doing something" or "I am no longer interested in doing something", right?

As in Βαρέθηκα να πω στην κόρη μου να τακτοποιήσει το δωμάτιό της.


Yes. It could also be like Βαρέθηκα να λέω στην κόρη μου να τακτοποιήσει το δωμάτιο της. xD (Sounds something like my mother would say.)


Thank you!

And yes, now that you say it, Βαρέθηκα να λέω sounds better than να πω.


Yes, I think these options are more helpful. I would be reluctant to use Βαρέθηκα or βαριέμαι in the context of boredom, because boredom is something originating from me. But 'I am tired (of doing X)' or 'I'm fed up with (doing X) is more palatable culturally!


Thanks Dimitra I used to use είμαι τεμπέλης quite often joking around did not realize it was not correct. This was in Cyprus and I am not a native Greek speaker so never got corrected


how would work the passive for this verb? for example, "you bore me" or in Spanish: "me aburres" would it be "με βαριέμαι"?

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No, this word is a kind of passive...it's called mediopassive and you can see how it functions and some example here,


The only way you could use this in passive is by paraphrasing it...."Με κάνεις να βαριέμαι." literally..."You make me feel bored." but it's not common.

You might use..."Με κουράζεις." something like "You tire me." but close to "you bore me."


so tecnically mediopassive verbs don't have a way to make it passive? makes sense because "you slept me" doesnt make sense at all.

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Yes, like that.

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