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  5. "Pszczoła i motyl lecą."

"Pszczoła i motyl lecą."

Translation:A bee and a butterfly are flying.

November 22, 2016



It should have been "Mucha i motyl lecą", "a fly and a butterfly fly".


Like that Gandalf! ;) But instead of "lecą" it should be "latają" - they are capable of flying, which doesn't change anything in the English version though.


What is the difference between latać and lecieć?

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'lecieć' is perfective, for one-time actions, also for 'right now'.

"Motyl leci" (The butterfly is flying - right now), "On leci do Londynu w czwartek" (He's flying to London on Thursday)

"latać" is imperfective, general.

"Motyl lata" (The butterfly flies, it's generally capable of flying), "On lata do Londynu w każdy czwartek" (He flies to London every Thursday)

Although things like a butterfly flying by itself are so general, that you can use "latać": Siedzę na fotelu, czytam książkę, motyl lata koło mojej głowy... (I'm sitting in an armchair, reading a book, a butterfly is flying/flies near my head...)

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