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  5. "Μου αρέσει το τοπικό φαγητό."

"Μου αρέσει το τοπικό φαγητό."

Translation:I like the local food.

November 22, 2016



Topical in medicine is a synonym for local. E.g. topical anesthesia = local anesthesia


You're kind of correct, but I'm not sure if topical food is used that much in english. :/ I did add regional and topical in the hints though. ^.^


I wasn't actually suggesting any changes. I was just making an observation.


I know, feedback is always welcome ^.^ And we do have to add all the possible translations in the hints, as it's kind of a dictionary. Even if "topical" may not quite match the context in this sentence, it should've been in the hints for τοπικό. So thank you for your observation. ^.^


I heard a tourist say this in Athens. Duolingo-er spotted?

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