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"Am centurile de siguranță în portbagaj."

Translation:I have the seat belts in the trunk.

November 22, 2016



Little cultural note: In Romania (at least the places I've visited) it's not a legal obligation for passengers to wear a seat belt. Drivers still have to, but most taxis have them removed or hidden between the seats because people don't use them. So in a way you are more likely to find them in the trunk ;)


Interesting! I was about to question this but you helped me understand lol! Mulțumesc!


Actually, that's not correct. All passengers are required to wear seatbelts in Romania if the seats have them.

The taxi drivers are not required to wear them in cities beacause a few years back there were many incidents in which they got attacked and the seatbealt prevented them to properly defend or escape.


What about the passengers riding in the trunk?


The driving teachers are not allowed to wear seatbelts. The cars where there are driving students have a little cap on them where it normally says "taxi" but instead it says "scoala". These cars are frequently avoided by people who have their heads on straight because they can only travel at a max speed of around 30kph...


Wow that's...not good.


Well that explains it... Every time i took a taxi I am looking for the seatbelts... Now I know why I never find them... Thanks for this note


It may be a trunk in the US of Hay but in England, Australia, New Zealand, India etc it is called a boot. I am not sure that keeping the seat belts in the boot would be legal.


Safety belt. Is that correct english


"Seatbelt" and "safety belt". Both are correct English.


Safety belt may be correct, but I've never heard it used.


I've heard and used both many times though it seems "safety belt" is getting old fashioned these days in my part of the world. I can't speak for the rest of the English-speaking world.

Anyway at least now you've read it! (-:


At least the luggage will be safe in case of an accident!

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