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  5. "My pants are empty."

"My pants are empty."

Translation:Cái quần của tôi trống rỗng.

November 22, 2016


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So I tried cái quần của tôi là trống rỗng, which seems to be wrong. Why is the verb missing? Does VNmese distinguish between "my pants are empty" and "my empty pants"?


Different word order.

Cái quần (của) tôi trống rỗng = My pants are empty

Cái quần trống rỗng (của) tôi = My empty pants

You don't use "là" here because it's "to be + adjective". You generally use "là" when equating two nouns.

e.g. Cái quần (của) tôi là (một) món quà từ năm ngoái = My pants are/were a present/gift from last year


How can we differentiate if there is no possessive pronoun (e.g. của tôi) in there?


Oftentimes you will see a 'nó' ('it') placed in between to signify that there's the verb 'to be' there.

Cái quần nó trống rỗng = The pants are empty.

Elsewhere if there's no 'nó' or possessive then it's down to context and intonation. I'd naturally expect a more exaggerated intonation on trống rỗng when one means to say 'the pants are empty' or another particle at the end of the sentence to indicate mood or emphasis.


Also , when you say "empty pants" you usually have to say something else about it.

Cái quần nhỏ (the pants are small)

Cái quần nhỏ ở đây (the small pants are here).

Tôi yêu cái quần nhỏ (I love the small pants)

Cái quần nhỏ đang bây (the small pants are flying)

Or the context:

  • bạn muốn cái quần nào? (Which pants do you want?)
  • cái quần nhỏ (the small pants, although I'm not sure about this use).

(I changed the adjective because I'm not sure what they mean with empty pants).

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Ok thanks. I knew you could omit the là but wasn't sure whether that was obligatory


i spoke with my vietnamese born girlfriend and thos translation, while i guess technically exact, isn't really right. its more a phrase saying "my pockets are empty". saying my pants are empty does not imply that in english. this probably isnt a good one to have int the lesson because the exact translation doesnt make sense

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