"Her horse eats bread."

Translation:Il suo cavallo mangia il pane.

February 13, 2013

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Why is "la sua cavallo mangia pane" incorrect? I thought cavallo meant horse and was not gender specific but it changes it to cavalla?


Why did it say 'Cavalla' this time?


Why is "Suo cavallo mangia il pane" incorrect? I was wondering why "Il" is necessary here in front of suo.


You always use the definite article with the possessive. The definite article matches its gender to the noun. It's just one of those things Italian does.

il cavallo = the horse

il suo cavallo = his horse or her horse

The only time you can omit the definite article with the possessive is if you are referring to a member of your family. ie "mia madre" - my mother.


how would you be able to tell if it's either his or her horse though when il suo is used for both, would you just have to infer from the context of what else is said ?


im not sure that definite article is used as extensively as is required. I feel that in many of these instances the definit article can be omitted with out being wrong


Of course, many answers are also accepted without the definite article when such an answer is correct (Il suo cavallo mangia pane is another valid answer) but the purpose of presenting so many of the first sentences with the definite article is to demonstrate that it is in fact more frequently used in Italian than in English.


The choice was not "il suo cavallo," as it says above, it was "il cavallo suo" and that didn't seem correct to me. Is it?


Most of the time the possessive article goes before the noun, il mio orso, la tua ricetta but on rare occasions if the speaker feels the need to emphasize what belongs to who, then it may go after.

In either case, you can't go wrong if you always stick to keeping the possessive in front of the noun.


Please provide us an answer to his duolingo. Many thanks.

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