"Bărbatul are șaptezeci și trei."

Translation:The man has seventy three.

November 22, 2016

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does this mean that the man has seventy three something (unspecified) or are we talking about his age? If the latter then he IS seventy three in English


This sentence is very strange, it would never be used in real speech like this. If it had been about age, it should have looked like this:

Bărbatul are șaptezeci și trei de ani.


Ave Caesar! Nos morituri ......etc But in any case "has" would translated as "is". "Has" was used in old English but it is well and truly archaic now. Even "Bărbatul are șaptezeci și trei de ani". would normally translate: The man is seventy three - the "years old" should not be regarded as obligatory.


Roma invicta!

It is indeed not mandatory in English, however in Romanian it sort of is. If you leave out „de ani” it sounds sort of strange. You can, however, just say someone's age (as in just the number) if you are asked:

  • Câți ani are George?
  • Optzeci și patru.

Otherwise, I would just answer with „George are optzeci și patru de ani.”


It is not the Romanian I have trouble with, but the rather inflexible and sometimes weird translations which are given as "correct" answers. I spoke both Romanian and German as a child up to the age of thirteen. 65 years later, with very little exposure in that time, (and finally retired) I decided to brush up on these two languages, partly to regain fluency and more importantly to learn the many new words which have been added in those years.


Very nice!

Otherwise, you can always report things you find weird. The course has only just been released, so it is far from perfect.


The correct answer that shows is the man has 70 3 which is not only incorrect but also the phrase is completely unnatural


This is not a good English sentence


Sorry.... I didn't miss a space! There SHOULD be a hyphen (-) between seventy and three (seventy-three). ;)


Seems like a natural sentence to me

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