"The woman does not wear a suit"

Translation:Η γυναίκα δεν φοράει κοστούμι

November 22, 2016

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Why do we not translate the word "a" in this sentence?


English requires the indirect article.


Γατί δεν είναι <<ένα κοστούμι>;


It's included in the alternatives ;) The absence of the article makes the sentence sound natural in such cases where quantity is either obvious or doesn't matter.


How come it's written "Η γυναίκα δεν φοράει κοστούμι" and not "Η γυναίκα δεν φοράει το κοστούμι?" Isn't there supposed to be an article before suit?


In Greek it does not need an article. But if you wanted to emphasis it and use an article that article would be "δεν φοράει ένα κοστούμι" because in English it says..."The woman does not wear a suit".

But I repeat in Greek it is not necessary to use an article. Don't try to translate word for word.


Got it, thank you so much :)


ταγιέρ is probably better than κοστούμι for a woman's suit?


It says she doesn't wear a suit but we do have ταγέρ/ταγιέρ as alternatives. Thanks for the input we do appreciate it.


Ah thanks - I'd only seen it in the "pick from these words to make a sentence" type of exercise so I didn't see the alternatives.

And yes, it's an interesting linguistic question as to what kind of suit she is claimed to be not wearing :-)

Thanks for your patience - the fuzzy boundaries of clothing categories, and the differences in boundaries between languages, seem to generate a lot of questions on this topic!


Ah, I see well since the word being taught here was "κοστουμι" that, of course, would be shown in the choose the right word exercise.

Thank you for your kind words and support of what we are trying to do.

Indeed the clothes and food skills have engendered quite a lot of controversy. And that in spite of our research which included BE and AE speakers to not get our jumpers and cardigans in a knot.

It's also the volatile subject matter that adds to the confusion. Yesterday's blouse is today's "top" in English AND in Greek. How about "athletic shoes" now they are "sneakers"....


Μπορεί να φοραέι κοστούμι αν θέλει


Καλησπέρα. Θεωρεί μη σωστή απόδοση το «η γυναίκα δε φοράει κοστούμι». Λανθασμένα κατά τη γνώμη μου

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