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  5. "Eu îi cunosc pe părinții ei."

"Eu îi cunosc pe părinții ei."

Translation:I know her parents.

November 22, 2016



Which word specifically denotes "her" and not "his" or "theirs"?


„Ei”. That is the genitive-dative form of the pronoun „ea”.

Do not confuse it with the nominative-accusative form „ei” (meaning "they")


If ei is genitive dative of ea then why is it introduced to us in this module on accusative pronouns? And what is ii (with a hat on the first i) which isn't in the table of accusative pronouns at all? I've just re-read the possessive pronouns section and now understand that ei is one of the female 3rd person singular possesive pronouns - that is its place here and why it indicates that it is her parents not his - is that the same as saying it is genitive-dative (we don't have the 5 cases in English as such hence je ne comprend pas!)...


Îi is third person/accusative/masculine. Eu îi cunosc pe părinții ei. I know them, her parents.


Why do i feel like ii with a hat on the first i didn't appear in the tips table?


Because that table unfortunately isn't totally complete. I had to check it out on wikipedia for the sake of it. The tips could/should have been done better.

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