"У вас болить вухо?"

Translation:Do you have pain in your ear?

November 22, 2016



Very poor english translation. It should say , "do you have an earache?" Or " do you have a pain in your ear"

November 22, 2016


Perhaps... the grammar is correct and I could easily imagine my doctor asking me if I have ear pain. That, however, would certainly not be the common expression.

September 2, 2019


I concur with what has already been stated by the other Duolingo users. In (American) English, we say "Do you have an earache?" OR "Do you have pain in your ear?"

December 3, 2017


You can say, my boss is a pain, however.

September 20, 2018


Is ухо no longer accepted? In a Ukrainian text book I have from the 1990s that is how ear is spelled.

April 16, 2019
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