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I am about to hold a Language Exchange Meetup in Hanoi, Vietnam

Hello guys, I think that would be a good idea to hold a Language Exchange meetup in Hanoi. Briefly, the meet-up would be the place for people who take interest in languages to have more chance to get to know each other, to listen to anecdotes or shares or else. And from that get to know more about cultures or anything one could possibly wants to know.

The plan is not very concrete enough and I would love to listen to any supportive ideas :>.

November 22, 2016



it sounds good, make this meetup come true. Hope that many people will support you and bring you some ideas.


I am Vietnamese, do you want to exchange with me about English and Vietnamese? It will help us well in both of 2 language. I can speak English, and my level in English is Elementary or Average. So I will chat with you about your plan in English. You don't need speak english when we discuss together.

Sợ sai ngữ pháp quá, ông Robis có đọc zô thì coi coi tui có sai ngữ pháp hông nha! (Để chứng minh bài không spam và bé đó biết mk biết người) You don't need to read this text.

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