"Je suis très heureuse."

Translation:I am very happy.

2/13/2013, 4:37:00 AM



When would you use 'heureuse' as opposed to 'heureux'? Is it a m/f thing? Because one cannot tell from this sentence.

2/13/2013, 4:37:00 AM

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It's a m/f thing, but they're also pronounced differently in this sentence. The "x" at the end of heureux would be silent here, but the "s" is pronounced in "heureuse".

2/13/2013, 2:14:17 PM


Is there a difference between bonheur and heureux/use? The both seem to translate as "happy".

12/19/2014, 12:19:34 AM

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Bonheur is a noun - happiness. Heureux is an adjective - I am happy

1/7/2015, 11:06:44 PM


Is there a reason " I am very lucky " is not a correct answer here or is it just an oversight? I could see given context, where this might be incorrect, but on it's own I see no reason why it can't be translated this way.

8/15/2013, 1:02:15 AM


Generally to be lucky would be translated using 'chanceux'. i.e. Je suis très chanceux. Or, you could also say 'J'ai de la chance' - I am lucky. 'Heureux' can be used when talking about luck if you are referring to an expression such as 'lucky shot', where you can say 'coup heureux'

10/10/2013, 11:57:40 AM


I agree that heureux and heureuse should sound different but after much repetition this still sounds like heureux to me

9/16/2017, 2:45:35 PM
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